Left-Handed Watches for Men: 11 Legendary Timepieces That Look Right at Home on Either Wrist


Unlike lefty scissors and lefty can-openers, the best left-handed watches aren’t just for southpaws. So-called “destro” watches (that is, ones with the crown on the left-hand side of the case) were initially designed to be worn on the right wrist (destro is Italian for “right”), and make it easier for lefties to wind their watches using their dominant hand. After Rolex dropped a destro version of its GMT-Master II earlier this year, however, left-hand-drive watches have been on the rise, and not just among lefties. Whether you’re a genuine lefty, a collector looking for something unique to flex at your next RedBar meetup, or just someone who prefers the feel of a watch on your right wrist, these destros—the very best left-handed watches you can buy right now—will scratch your itch.

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