Keke Palmer’s ‘Chicken Shop Date’ interview gets into some big questions


Chicken Shop Date, the YouTube series from interviewer Amelia Dimoldenberg, really is the gift that keeps giving.

It’s already provided some hilariously awkward interviews and birthed one of the greatest TikTok memes of the year so far — and now, we have this awesome chat with Nope star Keke Palmer, too.

In the clip above Dimoldenberg asks her usual brand of mildly awkward questions, from “What would you say your type is?” (“I like hair,” says Palmer) to “Would you say you’re a flirt?” (“I’m a teaser”), before landing on a questions that prompts a truly excellent answer: “If you were going to be an object, what object would you be?”

“You know what, honey? I’d be a rock,” responds Palmer, without hesitation. “They seem like they’ve got it easy, you know? Even if somebody steps on them they win, because it hurts that person.

“I’m solid. And if you mess with me, you going to get scraped up. Literally.”

Truly iconic.

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