June 2020 // Cards of the Month — Amanda Linette Meder


Underlying Energy

XVI Garlic – Tower

To know where things are going, we also look at what has been, and energy released as we move forward.

This is the underlying energy card, it’s the most recent past. While this energy is fading out now, it’s still affecting things. 

You can call it the card that catalyzed the guiding energy. 

For this month’s underlying energy, we have The Tower Card. 

The Tower Card is the quintessential example of the everything-just-fell-apart card, and now there’s a dissolution happening. 

In the Tower Card, a Large dominant structure now crumbles to the Earth. 

In The Herbal Tarot Deck, The Tower Card shows the truth of what is really happening in every Tower Card we experience in life. 

A new light is born underneath. 

Every time, a Tower falls in life, light builds within. Usually, it’s a skill set you can use from which you later reap the rewards.

This ball of light that glows as the Tower Falls is represented by Garlic, which is planted in the Fall when the rest of the Surface of the Earth goes dark.

Garlic thrives in dark, cold environments. It just goes underground to do it. Then, in the Spring, about 6-8 months, you have a food and spice loved round the world. 

So to me, this card tells me a new light started building within, as some structure in the recent past fell.

The good news is that this card is in the past position, so whatever happened is done. Still, the card also tells us not to forget about what’s happening now underground, with the Garlic glowing in the foreground. 

It’s a great protection card, so if something has happened, know you are protected. 

In the Tarot, The Tower Card appears right before The Star Card, which is the card of redemption. For me, that represents the pursuit and availability of dreams. 

Then comes The Moon Card, immediately after that. 

The Moon Card represents intuition and the ultimate illumination of all truth in the darkness, a prize people have sought for thousands of years. 

So when I see a Tower Card, I always remember those dreams and ultimate illumination that follows. 

This is why some readers of the Tarot, including me, sometimes look at the Tower Card with excitement, because you know the dream is next in the series of scenes. 

So having it here with the Page suggests that perhaps this new investment, the redemption after the Tower has fallen, is coming. 

To work through these energies, and flow with it, this month – 

I’m now going to cover four cards, which can be seen as set-points for each week this month, as you move through June towards July. 

If you are joining us later, think of what was happening each week in June and see if you can line it up with what’s happened in your life.

For those with us now – 

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