Jim Boeheim: CBB coaches trying to stop super conferences


College football seems all-in on the “super conference” trend. Well, at least the Big Ten and SEC are all-in, and who could blame them?

The rich are about to get richer both figuratively and literally.

College football has already been about the haves and the have-nots, and that’s only going to become more distinguished. Most in the college football world seem OK with that, but there are some concerns.

There will be a ton of money to be made, after all. Being on the inside of one of these power conferences will be like having permission to print money and gain television exposure.

Expansion doesn’t seem like as great of a deal for college basketball, though, which is highly predicated on both tradition and proximity.

Take it from legendary Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, who recently admitted on SiriusXM that college basketball coaches are unified in trying to slow down the creation of super conferences. They just can’t seem to keep up with the big, bad, bully that is college football.

“We talk about it and we are unanimous in what we think should be done,” Boeheim said, as transcribed by 247Sports, “and then the football schools do what they want to do. And they don’t listen to anyone else when it comes to that. You just have to understand that football runs everything because of the money, it’s obvious. But UCLA’s soccer team is going to be playing at Rutgers? In our (league) we just have a little short plane trip for all of our flights, it’s an hour, but they’re going cross country. Maybe they’ve decided that they just won’t play that much or they’ll come and play three games at once and then go back and say, ‘Well that’s what we’re doing.’ Because it doesn’t matter whether they’re happy, it’s football.”

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