How To Stop Being Hooked Into Believing Hijackals Will Change

Narcissist Fauxpologies: How To Stop Being Hooked Into Believing Hijackals Will Change 1

Clearly see how #narcissists use the fauxpology to hook you in, give you hope, and keep supply. Dr. Shaler gives you clear explanations and examples to keep you from ever being fooled–or believing–fauxpologies again!

Narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, or those with any of those tendencies are incapable of sincere apologies. In fact, they are also incapable of apologizing at all!

That’s why they can only make a “near apology sounding” few words! Unsatisfying? Yes! Underwhelming? Yes. But, too many people buy into them because there hope is high. Today, I share with you all the things you need to know to squarely face the truth of a #Hijackal apology, and why you are unwise to be buying it!


  • Definition of a #fauxpology
  • Why #narcissist’s apologies fall flat
  • Why #Hijackals are not sorry
  • Apologies as further manipulation and control
  • What makes a real apology and why you can’t get on from a narcissist
  • How fauxpologies are part of the abuse cycle
  • What to keep in mind to not get hooked on the hope of a fauxpology

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