How to define spirituality?


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Hindu Academy aims to promote a Comprehensive and Rational vision of Hinduism incorporating ideas of Religious Pluralism, Spiritual Humanism, and resonance between Science and Spirituality. It operates with the education establishments by working with schools colleges and universities as well as in the mainstream media.

The role and relevance of Hinduism in contemporary society
Hinduism has a great deal to contribute towards the spiritual health of the modern world. Its inherent pluralistic teachings offer the best resolution to how people of different religions can co-exist peacefully in a multi-faith society. Hinduism even allows for spirituality to be explored in non-religious modes, making teachings relevant and interesting for the youth of today. Family values promoted by Hinduism can foster more stable family units and better community cohesion. The reconciliation between the truth claims of a science-oriented worldview and a religiously oriented worldview is obligatory in this century. The Hindu Academy invokes findings at the cutting edge of modern sciences to promote this reconciliation.

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