How and Why It’s Holding You Hostage


You’re worn, torn, and put down. You’re exhausting in every way. The #narcissist, the #Hijackal, see that as an accomplishment.

Hijackals are intimidating. They expect you to comply with their wishes, wants, demands, and supposed needs.

#Hijackals threaten you. They want to instill fear and make you dependent on them, all the while complaining that you are, right?

It’s SO important that you recognize the ways–small and large–that emotional abusers intimidate you, or could intimidate you. Sometimes, their negative behavior starts in small ways, and grows to ultimate control. Or, at least, that’s their plan. This episode will give you the insights to see what’s up, and why you may be tolerating it. AND, the first steps to saying “NO!” to it in small, internal ways to start.

Hopefully, after listening, you’ll begin to see the need to start some internal sifting and sorting in preparation for a big change.

Big hugs!


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