He’s Not Ready for a Relationship? Say THIS


Things were going really well with this guy and then he dropped a bomb…

“Uh, the truth is…I’m not ready for a relationship.”

You’d been doodling his name in your notebooks. Telling all your friends about your hot new boyfriend. Picking out curtains for the house you knew you’d move into together. And NOW he tells you he doesn’t want a relationship?!

I know you want to curse this man out. Or maybe you’ve convinced yourself that if you stay with him, you can change his mind. But in this video, I tell you what you should do to keep your sanity and stay true to what you really want. Which is, of course, a healthy and happy relationship.

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P.S. If you follow my Little Love Steps program, you’ll be able to spot a guy who is not ready for a relationship before you get hurt. It’s a self-paced course designed to help you find that loving relationship you deserve. Get access here.

not ready for a relationship

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