Handling Difficult Relationships


The question is that you teach us to see all beings as divine especially mothers. I live with my in-laws. My mother in law is cruel and wicked, always complaining, judging and harsh. It is difficult to feel love towards her due to her opinions and wickedness. Do wicked people exist? If we are to see ourselves in all beings then am I also wicked and cruel?

It is not easy. The greatest attachment, it is arguable but is quiet realistic that the greatest attachment a mother has to her children. And now when they get married and they come home and everything is different, suddenly everybody is expecting perfection. Mother in law is expecting that my daughter in law should be perfect. The daughter in law is expecting the same from her husband and her mother in law. But, what they forget that it is something new for everybody and if you at least from your side don’t say hurtful words.

Now, we are brought up in an environment where we are not taught patience. We are not taught that okay if somebody is elder, maybe just for a moment you don’t have to really show what all you know and maybe just be quiet at that moment or maybe you may have to speak.

Listen to this insightful discourse by Om Swami on how to handle family relationships.

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