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(Dressed For) Everything Under the Sun

It felt so seamless and easy, how I went out into nature at the drop of a hat and, after feeling inspired, came straight back to my desk. I didn’t even have to bother changing because I just so happened to be dressed for both. As a style guy, this prompted me to ask: what would be an ideal, intentional version of this? An easy look that you can live in all day this summer, whether you’re working, or at home, or you just need to escape to the beach and clear your head.

Dressing for the summer hasn’t always been so easy. It’s a season that presents rather schizophrenic conditions: an overly air-conditioned office, only to be subjected to the afternoon heat once you step outside, until it gets cooler again at night.

So what we need is a simple and stylish way to avoid a bunch of guesswork and wardrobe changes.

Post-Prep (à Porter)

The jacket I had in my car was a Harrington, one of my favorites. It’s a jacket that the unititated might be tempted to associate with yacht club prepsters who use the word “summer” as a verb – but this would be a woeful dismissal of a multi-season must-have that any guy can get a lot of mileage from.

As a timeless classic, history agrees. For nearly a century, the Harrington has been embraced by men far beyond the regatta. Old school badasses like Steve McQueen and James Dean made it rebellious. Elvis and 007 made it rakish. Off-duty presidents and statesmen made it regal.

Here, Andrew makes it refined and relaxed by putting a smart-casual summer spin on it. One thing I like about Peter Manning’s version is their slightly slimmer cut compared to other Harringtons, which tend to be blousier. This makes for a more modern look without compromising the overall form of the classic Harrington.

Peter Manning has also seen fit to modify the classic pullover. Have you noticed how sweaters tend to ride up? Or how the ribbed hemming causes the fabric to bunch at the waist when sitting? Since the bottom of the Peter Manning pullover isn’t ribbed, it always hangs just right. And in keeping with the breezy fit of the jacket, the cut (and soft double-cotton) of this sweater also makes for a relaxed drape – again, without compromising silhouette.

In my opinion, this is a sweater that gets all the details right. After all, style is in the details. And the most important detail, of course, is fit

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