George Floyd laid to rest +++ Police complain of being stigmatized | US protests


George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer pressed his knee into his neck for several minutes, has been laid to rest. More than 500 guests attended the funeral in Houston, Texas, where friends and members of his family spoke about the man they knew and loved. Floyd’s death ignited global protests against racism and police brutality.
In New York, lawmakers responded to calls for police reforms, voting to repeal a law that shields police disciplinary records from the public. Police have protested the move, but for relatives of victims of police brutality, it was a long-awaited victory.
To director Spike Lee George Floyd’s death came as no surpise. The director of films like ‘Malcolm X’ and ‘Do The Right Thing’ has made a short film which makes connections between George Floyd’s death and what the film-maker sees as institutionalized violence and racism in America’s police forces. In an interview with DW The Oscar-winner explained why this time he’s hopeful of change.


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