From Selling Newspapers To Building A Multi-Million Dollar Company | Aamir Qutub | Beyond Marks


In this first episode of Beyond Marks, we have with us Aamir Qutub who has proved that failure is the stepping stone to success.

Aamir is an awarded-winning tech entrepreneur and investor who founded a successful digital services firm in Australia, with offices in 4 countries. But close to a decade ago, Aamir was struggling with grades at the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) where he did his bachelors in mechanical engineering; which he had no interest in, after failing to qualify for NEET (pre-medical entrance examination) like his parents had hoped. Like a lot of us, he was told that cracking competitive exams and getting good marks in college was the only way to ensure success in his career.

By backing himself and his abilities, Aamir proved that passion, dedication, and perseverance of a driven individual matters just as much, if not more. His story from failure to success is a must watch for all young entrepreneurs. Join us as we celebrate Aamir’s story that covers the amazing highs and the perilous lows of his life in the first episode of our new series – Beyond Marks.

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