Fred Couples trolls Cameron Smith over LIV excuse


Cameron Smith officially left the PGA Tour this week to sign with LIV Golf, and he has been heavily criticized for the decision. Fred Couples is the latest to take aim at the reigning British Open champion.

Smith is reportedly receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million to join LIV. He admitted on Wednesday that the money is a significant draw for him, but he said the schedule he will be able to play with the Saudi-backed league was an even bigger factor. Smith said the LIV schedule will allow him to spend more time in his home country of Australia.

“I’ve lived over here seven years now, and I love living in the U.S., but just little things like missing friends’ weddings, birthday parties and seeing your mates having a great time at rugby league games has been tough,” Smith said.

Couples made it clear on Thursday that he has no sympathy for Smith. He trolled the 29-year-old and ripped the LIV format in a tweet.

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