Few Places in The World Exude Glamor Like The Soho Roc House of Mykonos


With bedrooms ranging from Tiny and Small, to Extra Large with gardens and views of the Aegean Sea, few places in the world exude glamor like the Greek island of Mykonos. Located a mere stone’s throw away from the southern beachside lair, known as Scorpios, the first Soho House in Greece encompasses 45 bedrooms, a pool, restaurant and lounge area, atop the Cycladic coastline.

Dubbed the Soho Roc House, the residency, formerly known as the San Giorgio, lies nestled in a picturesque location between the Paradise and Paraga beaches, offering an ideal balance of privacy and social entertainment. Taking cues from both the exhilarating Scorpios experience and the laid-back island life of Mykonos, the Soho Roc House incorporates new club spaces, polished plaster floors, neutral finishes and natural materials which extend to the furnishings, with linen fabrics, jute rugs, bespoke ceramic lamps and woven wall tapestries. Utilizing indoor foliage and bright, open spaces to connect the awe-inspiring outdoors to the cushy interiors, Soho Roc boasts an outdoor gym, yoga, qigong and wellbeing programs, alongside a pool bar, sea lounge with Moroccan-style floor cushions and low seating, a rustic open-plan restaurant, stone paving, and dining tables set amid olive trees.

Worth an estimated USD$ 194.86 per night, the Soho Roc House has officially announced its opening for online bookings, and membership applications, which grant guests special privileges such as access to discounted rates, concierge services, and private entrances to a multitude of club and restaurant events, including those at Scorpios.

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