Fashion from the past and present


Fashion nowadays has left its imprint on contemporary society

A variety of things surround us in our daily lives, all of which have something to do with technology, the latest devices, or the most up-to-date fashion. Fashion, in today’s world, has established itself as a significant force in virtually every aspect of life. Two groups can be distinguished in the world of fashion: one that follows fashion trends and adopts them, and another that creates fashion and style statements that others are encouraged to emulate. It can also be applied to a different group of people who have little to do with fashion trends but who nevertheless pursue their own personal style in order to develop their own distinct personality, so contributing another style to the fashion world.

Fashion is more than just cosmetics and make-up, or even the way one’s hair is styled. When you dress well, you exude charisma, and this enchantment is achieved with the appropriate kind of accessories that complement your footwear and clothing, resulting in a pleasing image to see. Many times, people who cannot afford to purchase costly clothing look their best in their casual wear just by presenting themselves in a sophisticated manner and generating an aura about them that exudes self-assurance and the knowledge that they look well.

Fashion comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and trends shift with the passing of the seasons. In terms of fashion trends, there has been a significant shift from the 1960s and 1970s to the present. Forms, styles, and attitudes about fashion have all changed dramatically over this period.

Western countries have had a significant influence on fashion trends

Many aspects of Indian fashion have been affected by the Hindi Film Industry, which is more commonly referred to as Bollywood. Movies from the 1960s and 1970s provide an excellent example of how trends develop over time and how they can be emulated by the general audience by adopting different approaches. People have been copying the western way of life since the dawn of time, and this was no exception. The garments designed in the 1960s and 1970s were heavily influenced by western countries, but they were given a more traditional touch. Bell bottoms, scarves, and a particular hairstyle were all quite popular in those days and were considered fashion icons. Later in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, the fashion world erupted in a way that had never been seen before. This could be evident in their attitude toward their outfits as well as new hair and makeup trends, as well as accessories such as purses, earrings, necklaces, and footwear that matched their outfits, among other things.

People were conscientious about each and every new product that was introduced to the market, and they emulated the fashions of their Bollywood idols. Bollywood began as a stage for theatre performers and has now evolved into a commercial entry point for young people and those aspiring to a career in the film and fashion industries in India. This provided the opportunity for today’s kids to place an emphasis on the fashion industry. Art and music have grown inextricably intertwined with the past, and as a result, they are profoundly rooted in the present as well, albeit with more features and capacities.

The millennium’s most significant innovation

Contemporary culture encompasses everything from fashion to art to music to designers to dance and everything in between. People can choose to work in any field that is associated to this business as a profession. Art and music have long been incorporated into co-curricular activities at schools, and colleges are now offering a variety of degrees to help students advance their professional skills in these areas. Numerous acting schools are also available, and the tiny screen, or television, has opened up new opportunities for bringing out the hidden talents of young people through diverse platforms such as music and dance performances. This is the millennium’s most significant breakthrough in terms of providing jobs and work in the fashion sector. The fashion houses that create the trends that we see have regular seasons in which to present their creations, many of which are popularized on television networks such as FTV, Zee Trends, and TLC. Through the displays that the models put on, we can also get a glimpse of the fashionable costumes that they wear. In today’s world, modeling is also one of the most common ways to break into the world of fashion.

The emergence of women’s fashion self-assurance

Once upon a time, fashion was restricted to the performers who appeared in films or to individuals who were confident enough to comport themselves in public to be called trendy. Others simply wooed them in the privacy of their homes. The classic saree with an embroidered blouse and a distinctive neck style became increasingly popular as the times changed, and we began to see ladies wearing them to show off their individual fashion sense.

After that, we witnessed the saree being draped in a variety of fashions, such as the Bengali style or the Gujarati style. A high heeled slipper, a handbag she carried, the way she held her saree, her hair and the makeup she wore were examples of how the women were exercising their right to choose their own lives and empowering their choices. All of these transformations resulted in the introduction of churidars, followed by the salwar kameez, and lastly the emergence of the fashion for dresses in the open. Women had come to terms with the reality that there was nothing wrong with looking well, and men, of course, were fascinated by the attractive side of women and dreamt about having their spouses look like that.

The market is always displaying the most recent fashion trends

Because of this shift in public opinion, fashionistas were quick to capitalize on the opportunity, and a massive industry was developed to suit the desires of the public. Fashion today produces a new look with a distinct style for a certain person and allows them to stay up with the current trends that are observed in the market. This business is well-known for its glitz and glam, as well as for the blend of Indian tradition and culture that is included into the designer apparel that the models wear.

People enjoy experimenting with different textures of fabrics used in their attire, which is why designers create a diverse range of dresses employing a variety of different types of clothing. One such combination is the traditional Khadi and silk mix, which is currently making waves in both men’s and women’s fashion. We also have zardozi embroidery work, Swarovski crystal studded tops and lehengas, and multi stoned embroidery work in bridal collection sarees, among other things. The most sought-after fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, chiffon, and crush materials, were then used in a variety of unconventional designs and styles, including:

How the Handbag or the Purse has changed over time

In the minds of designers, there is always a glimmer of hope that the youth desire a shift in fashion and are delighted to see the trend continue with a combination of Indian and western-inspired fashionable attire. The young of today are also quite practical when it comes to their sense of style for a specific occasion. They desire to appear their best for any occasion, whether it’s a party, a wedding, or a casual outing. They believe in looking their best. And in order to accomplish this, people go the extra mile by making certain that they have all they need in their wardrobe for any event.

Apart from the fashionable garments and fashion that are currently in vogue, people are looking for something that complements their personal style. As a result, the market began to gravitate towards the woman’s best friend, the handbag or the purse. With its vibrant colors and fashionable features such as a chain handle or jazzy zips with several pockets in various forms, a handbag captured the attention of the general public like never before. And, as the demand for branded purses has grown, it has become a must for every lady to finish her shopping trip in one piece. In the same way, the other accessories lines succeeded in carving out a niche for themselves in the market. Some examples are the earring and necklaces, the varied belts, hand bracelet and brooch, the stiletto and its exquisite embroidered, party wear slippers, along with its brotherly high tough shoes, which give a superb cowboy look, and so on and so on

Fashion has become a popular outlet for people of all ages and backgrounds

All ladies have always found fashion to be an enthralling topic, and the current fashion trend has even challenged men to compete for a more appealing appearance in order to have a successful future in the world of fashion and to make it a fully-fledged acceptable thing for all types of people.


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