Extremist Girl Scouts and spaghetti appointments: The 11 funniest tweets of the week


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The thing about tweets is they can be good. Usually they’re innocuous. They’re often annoying. Far too often they’re filled with hate and vitriol.

But they can be good. Tweets can even be hilarious. We’ve done the hard work of parsing through the morass of Twitter’s swamp to pull out the absolute best and funniest posts from this week. Like we always do. Anyway, here they are: The 11 best tweets of the week,

1. I, too, would like to hear from this person. To be honest, I’d wager they have more interesting things to say.

2. You’ve got to make sure you’re a moving target when you’re firing off a good post. You’ve got to lean into it.

3. You WILL buy the cookies. Or you will find out the consequences. And they will be severe.

4. You’ve got to go with mom to store. They need store companions. This is key.

5. Dude, hurry up, we’re going to be late for our taco appointment.

6. She earned this award.

7. Speaking from experience, you down your drink and get the hell out of dodge.

8. An obligatory dril tweet for you.

9. Sometimes what you should say is nothing at all. A lesson I’m still trying to learn.

10. The thing about Twitter is it doesn’t really like anything. And if you do like something there must be caveats.

11. And finally, this.

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