ESSENTIAL SPIRITUALITY with Sister Jayanti – A NEW Series


Essential Spirituality is a collection of 42 short videos intended to spark deeper reflection on the subtle inner terrain that holds the solutions for many outer maladies.

Our guide on this journey is Sister Jayanti Kirpalani, who is exceptionally articulate on the subject of spiritual knowledge and practice. Her gift is her ability to explain “lived spirituality” in ways that instantly make sense, inspiring others to apply it to their lives. Off camera in these recordings, but occasionally visible, are Eric Le Reste and Judy Rodgers, who have worked in media and are long-term students of raj yoga and its applications to living in the world. They helped develop the concept and frame the questions that drive this video series.

Though these videos are collected into three sections, you may select those that have the most relevance for you. Watching these videos will stir your mind, but if you want a deeper experience, it will be important to find the meditation commentaries at the end of each section, and watch those, which will help you integrate what she has said into your personal life. To make your meditation more effective, keep the eyes open and watch the video as you listen to the thoughts offered by Sister Jayanti.

Section 1 – A Spiritual Perspective
Section 2 – Spirituality of the Self
Section 3 – From Spiritual Practice to Spiritual Life

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