E35 Int. Anxiety, Authenticity, and the Power of Difficult Relationships with Brooke Sprowl


If we’re searching for authenticity, maybe we want a therapist who is also on that search. For therapist Brooke Sprowl, that’s where the best therapist-client relationships start. Forget what you think you know about the therapist sitting in “silent judgment” scribbling in a notebook, and learn to embrace what can be a more genuine journey of relationship and healing in an atmosphere of non-judgment.

Brooke Sprowl of My LA Therapy discusses her personal spirituality, surrender, and authenticity, and her forthcoming book, “Why You Should Date Emotionally Unavailable Men: Use Your “Unhealthy” Relationship to Transform Yourself and Your Love Life.”

When we need help, there are lots of opinions available. But maybe it’s the authentic relationships that help us to help ourselves that matter more.

“People are in therapy because they’re in a state where they’ve been humbled enough to say, ‘What I am doing is not working. I need another way.’”

“Become an astute observer of your own anxiety.”

“One of the signs that we’re anxious is when we feel a sense of urgency and speed around something.”

“The impulse of anxiety is to speed up, but the invitation of anxiety is to slow down.”

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