Difference between Spirituality and Religion


What is the difference between Spirituality and Religion!Defined by Swami Dr. Ravindraanandh ji.
Yog Guru Dr. Ravindra Kumar
M: 7042072329, 8448207467 (whatsapp)
Dr. Kumar obtained Ph. D. in Maths from IIT/Delhi in 1968. He taught at IIT for about 17 years them traveled abroad for more than 30 years as Professor in about 10 countries. He wrote 10 books on Engineering Maths and published more than 30 research papers. Through “ashtang yoga” of sage Patanjali he experienced awakening of “spiritual energy Kundalini” in 1987 at University of Zimbabwe. After experiencing infinity and oneness with God/Brahman he shifted from Maths to Paranormal. He was trustee of Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Research, USA, where he presented/published 15 papers on occult and “life after death.” He has written 20 books so far on yoga/meditation/oneness with God. He has initiated successfully more than 100 people in Kundalini Yoga from various countries, and continues the same. He established Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul at Delhi, India, which was registered with with Govt. Body of Societies in the year 2000.



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