Dick Vitale announces he is cancer-free


Broadcasting legend Dick Vitale continues to receive good news in his battle with cancer. More specifically, Vitale — arguably the most recognizable voice in college basketball — has received good news regarding his second battle with cancer.

He was diagnosed with melanoma in August 2021 and successfully underwent multiple surgeries to totally clear the disease. Unfortunately, a few months later, Vitale was diagnosed with lymphoma, which was unrelated to the original melanoma diagnosis.

He underwent months of chemotherapy and steroid treatment, and in March of this year, he was able to announce that no cancer had shown up in a PET scan.

“I feel like a coach playing for the Final 4 has a PTPer hit a shot at [the| buzzer. My MARCH MADNESS starts with a W baby!,” he exuberantly tweeted in true Dicky V fashion.

His latest tweet, sent Wednesday evening, is just as exciting. Five months after the initial diagnosis that he was in remission, the diagnosis after a major PET scan remains the same. The beautiful thing, though, is that both his doctor and Vitale himself seem much more optimistic.

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