David Thompson’s Laurel Hills Residence is Every Architect’s Dream Home


Through pursuing architecture driven by commitment, collaboration and expert craftsmanship, Assembledge+ has built a strong reputation for creating enduring environments that are user-focused, innovative and sustainable. Led by Design Principal and Founder, David Thompson and his father Richard Thompson, this father-son duo has continued to expand their capabilities in addressing larger scale projects in urban and campus environments.

Laurel Hills residence

Constructing a house for himself, David Thompson proudly unveils the his Los Angeles, Laurel Hills residence. Featuring camouflaged walls and an inviting open-air garden, the house stands in an isolated setting, manipulated to create fluidity between the perceived indoor and outdoor spaces.

Laurel Hills residence

Comprised of three low-lying volumes made from western red cedar cladding, glass and dark cement board rooftops, the house is arranged around an outdoor courtyard and a back garden, with its surrounding area landscaped by gravel, paving stones, grass, and fauna, plus luxury amenities which include a pristine blue swimming pool. Through incorporating an array of wood-clad walls punctured with glaze, David Thompson has conceptualized the house to expand wider than it appears, with pocket doors which fold entirely unto walls.

Laurel Hills residence

Showcasing a dedicated guesthouse at its forefront, the third and largest volume houses over 50 solar panels, a kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, and a variety of stairwells, each leading down to separate spaces for family gathering and entertainment lounging. With sliding glass doors that bid entrance to a palatial pool and patio, the second volume is characterized by its fire pit, and outdoor furniture courtesy of Gloster.

Laurel Hills residence

Measuring an estimated 455 sqm, David Thompson’s Laurel Hills residence is truly one to be admired. Complete with white-painted walls and ceilings, and pale wooden flooring, the house is littered with bold details such as black cabinetry and marble islands, which offset the interior’s largely neutral palette.

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