Daily News Simplified 25-07-19 (The Hindu Newspaper – Current Affairs – Analysis for UPSC/IAS Exam)


Presented by: Ms Mehaq Rao Rau’s IAS Study Circle

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Result of Civil Services Prelims Exam 2019 has been declared . Rau’s IAS congratulates all those who have cleared the prelims exam. We, at Rau’s IAS, want to help you in clearing the mains exam. If you have cleared the prelims exam 2019, then reach out your nearest Rau’s IAS Centre for details or mail us at contact@rauias.com for enrolling into the QIP (Answer writing program) at Rau’s IAS study circle. Get the most out of this opportunity.

General Information on QIP Mains 2019:

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News covered today:

1. Prelims 2019 Discussion – Sarkaria Commission (00:35)
2. Contentious remedy for a clear structural malady (Article) – Polity (02:40)
3. Having the last word on population control (Article)- Social issues (12:22)
4. Making Chennai a water wise city  (Article) – Environment (23:21)
5. Global innovation Index – Economy (28:13)
6. Eravikulam National Park – Environment (31:24)
7. Dragon tree- Environment (34:21)
8. Shifting strategic concerns (Article)- International Relations (36:47)
9. Questions for Practice (41:00)

Topic Highlights of the day: #Nationalmedicalcommission #Eravikulam #dragontree #Globalinnovationindex #Watercrisis #Population #indiapak

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Analysis of Economic Survey 2018-19 Chapter 2: POLICY FOR HOMO SAPIENS, NOT HOMO ECONOMICUS:

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