Daily News Simplified 17-01-20 (The Hindu Newspaper – Current Affairs – Analysis for UPSC/IAS Exam)


Presented by: Mr. Basava Uppin, Rau’s IAS Study Circle
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News covered today:
1. USA and China Sign Phase-I of the Trade Deal – International Relations (0:32)
2. No SC Relief to the Telecom Operators – Indian Economy (14:47)
3. India to invite Imran Khan for SCO Meet – International Relations (25:50)
4. Bru Refugees to be settled in Tripura – Social Issues (35:06)
5. Telecommunication Consumer Education and Protection Fund – Indian Economy (38:25)
6. The Perils of RBI’s Fixation on Inflation (Lead Article) – (41:10)
7. Preventing Mob Lynching (Reference) – (43:00)
8. Practice Questions (43:54)
a. Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
b. AGR and Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF)
c. Members of SCO 

Topic Highlights of the day: #TradeDealbetweenUSAandChina #AdjustedGrossRevenue #TelecomSector #SCO #InflationTargeting

Introduction to the series:  
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Week-1 Session-2: 

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