Dad slammed for leaving dinner at friend’s house to get his son a McDonald’s Happy Meal


A dad has been slammed online for leaving a dinner at a friend’s house to pick up McDonald’s for his five-year-old son who was not satisfied with his meal.

The father took to Reddit‘s Am I The A**hole subreddit and laid out the situation in an attempt to determine whether his conduct was ‘rude’ or not. 

He said his family had been invited to an at-home dinner hosted by friends with a ‘very strict diet,’ which left his son ‘not happy’ with his meal.

To make sure his son was fed, the father said he asked for a food alternative. 

But when the hosts replied that they didn’t have other options, the dad decided to leave mid-dinner to buy his son a Happy Meal from McDonald’s.

The dad, 26, revealed his hosts had ‘very strict diets’ and no other dining options. He said his son didn’t like the dinner so he picked up a McDonald’s Happy Meal (stock picture)

A father took to Reddit to find out if he was being ‘ill-mannered’ at a dinner

The move did not go down well with his wife who wasn’t a fan of his ‘ill-mannered’ behavior. 

The Reddit post started off with: ‘A friend of my wife’s invited my family – my wife, 29, our son, five, and I, 26, over for dinner with him, 30, and his daughter, five.’

The host’s family had maintained a ‘very strict diet’ for years and stuck to it, according to the dad.

He said they initially weren’t worried about any food-related issues because the host had always been an ‘excellent cook.’

But his son ‘was not happy’ with the meal, which was salmon served with quinoa and arugula.

The father added his five-year-old was not known to throw tantrums and wasn’t a ‘picky eater.’ 

He tried to laughed it off and jokingly said: ‘Haha, kids right?’ 

The dad then proceeded to inquire about any other food options the hosts had. 

The father’s defense against his wife was: ‘If her friend had been more accommodating, we wouldn’t have been in the situation in the first place’

‘The wife’s friend said that his daughter just eats whatever he makes, so he doesn’t keep “kid food” around the house,’ he said.

The invited father was concerned that his son would get ‘hangry’ and would spend the night starving, so he made the decision to go pick something up at McDonald’s.

The father ended up being gone for 30 minutes, and came back with a Happy Meal.

He even ended up purchasing extra fries for the host’s kid, but she wasn’t ‘allowed’ to have them. 

The guest’s son ended up devouring the host’s dessert and went to play with the other child after dinner finally concluded.

As the post continued, the Redditor revealed his wife was ‘cold’ with him for the rest of their stay and when they arrived home, she told him that his behavior was rude.

The husband argued the following: ‘I pointed out that if I hadn’t gotten our son dinner, he would’ve been a monster the entire way home, to which she replied that “we would’ve left earlier.”‘

He continued: ‘I said I was just looking to solve the problem as it happened, and that if her friend had been more accommodating, we wouldn’t have been in the situation in the first place.’

The husband revealed the couple have not spoken for two days before asking Redditors if he was ‘wrong’ for leaving dinner.

Most commentators sided with his wife and called out his ‘rudeness’

One person on Reddit sided with his wife: ‘It’s extremely disrespectful to your host to rush out to bring outside food, regardless of the situation. Your wife is right.’ 

Another calls out his rudeness: ‘No you don’t get up in the middle of dinner, and go get a Happy Meal. Your kid could have waited until the meal was finished, or as your wife said, you could have left earlier and picked up something.’

A third person isn’t siding with either: ‘I think the hosts were odd not to come up with an apple or something. They aren’t required to keep frozen nuggets on hand for kids, but surely there was something they could have offered. Completely crazy to leave during dinner, though.’

One commentator defended the hosts: ‘They made dinner. That was the dinner they made. You did not indicate ahead of time, that there would be food restrictions for your child, so they didn’t make any accommodations for that. Or that your child preferred traditional “kid food.”‘


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