Crystal And Stone Company – Channeler’s Kit Review — Amanda Linette Meder


Scolecite, pictured at the top center, is an ancestral healing stone that’s a gem in this box.

It is considered one of the highest vibrational stones that clears karma, assisting you to access higher-level connections and wisdom that is both uplifting and relaxing.

Hematite, top middle, is known as a channeler’s kryptonite. It is both a clearing and grounding stone known to open gateways to all realms. 

While lore says you aren’t supposed to work with Hematite until you know what you’re doing, Hematite will open you up to the point where you do know what you’re doing. 

So I recommend this stone to everyone.

Selenite, top-bottom, is a relative of Angelite geologically. It’s known for welcoming in the Angelic.

Using this kit, I felt it helpful to have all the tools included out while I worked.

I especially like the smoky quartz amulet, which is housed in a circular setting, because it allows you to take the kit with you. 

With the necklace, you can ground and maintain the channeler’s connection while out and about.

Smoky quartz is known to be one of the quartzes that center you most in Earth’s elements, which is needed for balance when ascending to the Higher Realms with the rest of the kit’s contents.

The incense that comes in the kit is raw herbal.

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