Cottage in the Woods


On this beautiful morning in the West of Ireland, come for a walk with myself and Jack around the 3 acres of woodland surrounding Bealtaine Cottage…Books, Calendars, Maps and Bumper Stickers from the Bealtaine Cottage Press helps to support the Bealtaine Project across social media, as well as supporting local employment here in the West of Ireland:

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The Awakening began over two decades ago and has taken us on a tide of to and fro, while all the time gaining strength, wave on wave. Bealtaine Cottage, in the West of Ireland, is based upon Earth-centered, Divine Feminine spirituality, with the Goddess embodied in every aspect of the old Cottage and Sanctuary Woodland Gardens.
Bealtaine Cottage is the home of Colette O’Neill, Environmentalist, Writer, Photographer, Publisher and creator of Goddess Permaculture…an Eco-movement grown from Earth-centered, Divine Feminine spirituality. Mother Earth is embodied in every aspect of Bealtaine Cottage Goddess Permaculture Sanctuary Woodland Gardens.



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