Classy: Sebastian Vettel, Unlucky: Kimi Raikkonen: Watch F1 Drivers Take Part in a Hilarious Challenge


The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the 2020 edition of Formula 1.  As a result, neither drivers nor fans can wait to get back to the sport. With just over half a month to go, for the new F1 season to commence, the hype has already begun. Social media is already berserk with predictions, memes, and banter.

It seems like a long time since we’ve witnessed F1 drivers involved in a race. Fortunately, official content such as Q&As and sneak peeks on the official F1 website have managed to keep hopes alive. Following the revelation of the revised 2020 season calendar, a lot of infotainment has lately been published on the site.

Watch: F1 Drivers react in the first part of “Word Association”

F1 Drivers Word Association: Part 1

Watch the 2020 F1 drivers react with laughter and surprise in the first part of our ‘Word Association’ challenge, ahead of the 2020 Formula 1 season.

Today, a video titled ‘F1 Drivers Word Association: Part 1’ has been put up.  It shows questions being posed to drivers regarding various leisure topics. There is certainly no official information per se but there is a vast display of camaraderie and sarcasm, surely bound to lift everyone’s spirits.

It plays out with the first round being “Friend”. The common answer in this is “Pierre Gasly”. This goes on to show his good personality despite his performance which costed a demotion to Torro Rosso. Another answer that catches attention is that of Lewis Hamilton who answers “my car”. This looks like a sort of mockery by him towards his haters. It should come as no surprise to his rivals who’ve constantly complained about the Mercedes car, which according to them has a cost advantage to it.

The next two rounds “Underrated” and “Overrated” again see orthodox answers from Lewis Hamilton who replies “Red Bull”. Is it sarcasm? Or will he one day join Red Bull just to satisfy certain expectations? Only time can tell.

Further, we witness the typical nonchalant and funny attitudes of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. For instance, the former with his reluctant attitude gives fans a major glimpse of what they had missed lately.  Alongside this, Vettel who answers “Graham Hill” when asked to name “Classy” drivers.

Lastly, not to mention, Daniel Ricciardo and his joyous behavior that is clearly evident throughout the video. Especially when he subtly takes a jibe at Hamilton for being “unlucky”.

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