Bucket List: Top 8 Things to do in Ballina, Australia

The beach view with pinky sunset in summer time on the beach in Ballina, Byron bay, Australia photo via Depositphotos

Ballina Bucket List: 8 Best Places to Visit in Ballina, Australia

Ballina is Australia’s way of providing an escape to nature and the outdoors. This city is known for having multiple bodies of water, such as beaches, lakes, and rivers. These are complemented by bays, waterfront trails, coastal lookouts, and cycleways. To complete your nature experience, there are also parks and forests worth exploring.

The beach view with pinky sunset in the summertime on the beach in Ballina, Byron Bay, Australia photo via Depositphotos

Since there is so much to din Ballina, here are some of the best activities to choose from:

Spend the day in Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is the most popular beach in Ballina. This is because people of all ages can have fun here, especially for families. There are plenty of things to do, such as surfing, beach fishing, and hanging out at the Ballina lighthouse, asides from swimming.

If you become famished, you will not have to look far since a café named The Belle General is easily accessible.

Relax at Lake Ainsworth

Lake Ainsworth is a key destination for tourists. This venue provides a rare experience of swimming between freshwater lakes and salty oceans. Other activities you can try are canoeing, kayaking, and riding paddleboards.

To supplement your experience, there are also picnic venues and barbecue facilities where you can prepare food. Before visiting, it is recommended to visit the Lake Ainsworth website to observe the lake’s blue-green algae.

Go on a River Cruise at the Richmond River Nature Reserve

The Richmond River Nature Reserve is one of the most tranquil locations in Ballina. During this cruise, you get to see flowers, plant species, and mangrove forests.

The highlight of this trip is you get to witness the local marine life, such as rare sea creatures and birdlife. Other things you can do are take pictures, taste local dishes, and watch the sunset.

Walk along the Ballina Historic Waterfront Trail

If you prefer to walk by sea creatures instead, then taking this waterfront trail is a suitable alternative. This trail stretches from Fawcett Park towards North Wall.

As you walk the trail, you get to experience seeing dolphins, whales, and other rare fish varieties.

Visit the sea turtles at Sea Turtle Hospital.

Sea Turtles are loved by the Australian community. The Sea Turtle Hospital was established for conservation by protecting these species and identifying their nests. The goal of this initiative is to educate the local community on sea turtle preservation.

While sea turtles need to be protected, they are eventually released in Cape Byron Marine Park at the right time.

Learn from the Ballina Naval & Maritime Museum

This museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting marine culture for the present and future generations. The collection features maritime artifacts from all generations of local mariners.

Some exhibited artifacts are ships, yachts, galleons, and warships that played a pivotal role in maritime history.

Tour the Summerland House Farm

The Summerland House Farm is home to the two most nutrient-rich food, avocados and macadamias.

During the tour, visitors see the multiple rows of plants and taste the farm’s produced food. You also get to see local animals such as goats, guinea pigs, bunnies, and cows.

Enjoy at the Ballina Memorial Olympic Pool and Waterslide

This waterpark provides the perfect splash fun for everyone. Some of the facilities you will find are a 50-meter heated pool, a 25 x 15-meter swimming pool, and two waterslides.

There is also a ramp that will conveniently lead you towards other pools. If you get hungry, there are pool kiosks at your service.

Ballina, Australia Travel and Tour Packages

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