Broncos HC: Russell Wilson ‘looks awesome’


A Seattle Seahawks front-office source told ESPN’s Brady Henderson that Russell Wilson is a “descending player,” but his new coach is not buying it.

“I know what I see on the practice field, and he looks awesome, so excited to have him here,” first-year Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett said at a news conference Thursday.

Hackett is so confident in Wilson that he does not view the relationship as the typical dynamic between a head coach and quarterback. A source close to Wilson told NBC Sports’ Peter King: “(Hackett) and Russell are not coach-player, they’re partners.”

Their business is helping the Broncos return to Super Bowl glory. Denver has won three Super Bowl titles, but it has not made the playoffs since 2015.

Hackett believes Wilson’s input benefits the team, whether it is what it should run on offense or the vibe of the locker room. 

“It’s the ownership of the players owning our own offense,” Wilson told King. “This has to be a player-ran kind of team. Coach Hackett gives us the keys to do that.”

This differs from the situation in Seattle, where tension boiled after the Seahawks tried to trade Wilson to Cleveland for the No.1 overall pick in 2018. Wilson confirmed the story.

“It’s part of the business,” Wilson said.

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