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Waiting on God may be uncomfortable, But trust me it’s so worth it……. 💞

So…… For those who don’t want to read a long post, I gave y’all a quick caption up above👆🏾 😅But, for others who don’t mind, oblige me for a moment….

Ya’ll God is so faithful!! When I tell y’all this man came when I least expected it….. It’s so crazy! Ladies don’t look… God’s got you.
There was a time when I was looking almost everyday… Like, for real God, Is today going to be my day??? I kept repeating to my friend, “Where are all the good men?? I mean….. Where they at though?? Lol 😂 When Jerard came into my life it was literally at a point when I told God,and friends that I don’t want to date… I’m not focused on a relationship… I had just quit my job and I wanted to figure things out…. Well, Would you have it, that was the perfect time for God to deliver on his promises….

Jerard is everything I could’ve asked for in a man and so much more…. He’s so patient and kind, sensitive to my needs, but still a mans man💪🏿 He encourages me to be better, never allows me to go a day without laughing, and growing stronger in my faith… He prays for me, showers me with love, and not just in words, but in his ACTIONs…
We may be in two different states……But, God has a way of creating a space for us to feel like we never left one another…… We are best friends and it’s amazing that we can also be Soulmates.

Listen, I don’t say this lightly…. What God has destined for you, space or time can’t conflict with. God WILL GIVE YOU the DESIRES of your HEArt..🙌🏾🙏🏾 Keep trusting him.. He doesn’t come short on his promises……. I used to say this all the time,!when people would say “You’re crazy, you’re living in fantasy land…. This man you keep describing doesn’t exist…. Your vision of meeting the ONE and feeling butterflies and your desire for your spirit to leap is crazy…. The notion that you will know instantly when you meet him is nuts… ” My retort was always “I just believe God! It will happen…..” God has the ability to make You laugh…. He will also deliver your blessing so well that others have to stand back and declare “That was God! Wait on God! He will not Fail (:

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