Black Friday NFL game coming to Prime Video in 2023


 The NFL is tapping in to the “Black Friday” rush next year.

The NFL already has its footprint on Thanksgiving Day with the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys hosting games annually. The league added prime-time games to the slate in 2006.

With the expansion to “Black Friday,” the NFL has fans covered three days that holiday weekend, not to mention the regularly schedule Monday night game. This continues the league’s expansion efforts, whether we’re talking days of the weeks or countries with game.

After all, the NFL has big plans for global expansion, already playing games in Europe and Mexico, in addition to the home stadium of each franchise. If the powers that be have their way, soon the NFL will cover all time and space.

The “Black Friday” game will broadcast via Prime Video, home to “Thursday Night Football.” Fingers crossed the extra day of shipping will make for a better product.

In 2014, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ripped the NFL for expanding its TV package. What could he be thinking now?

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