President Biden talks about the unemployment rate

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In order to defend his government, he takes off his gloves

The president’s words revealed a more confrontational and frank tone for a president who has traditionally taken pride in keeping the temperature of political conversation as low as possible.

The United States President, Joe Biden, leaves the White House after speaking on the December jobs report on January 7, 2022, from the State Dining Room in Washington, DC. President Joe Biden hailed the decline in the United States unemployment rate revealed in the December jobs figures as a “historic day for our economic recovery.” According to the Labor Department, the unemployment rate fell to 3.9 percent last month, but the number of new jobs created was far lower than economists had predicted.

President Joe Biden did a victory lap on Friday for his first-year economic performance, bragging about low unemployment and record job growth despite polling data showing that the American public is extremely dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the economy.

“People quitting their employment have received a great deal of media attention recently. The reason for this, according to today’s report, is that Americans are moving up to better jobs “After the release of the final monthly jobs report for the year 2021, President Biden spoke from the White House. “This is the kind of recovery I promised and hoped for for the American people,” President Barack Obama said.

President Barack Obama boasted that, thanks to a surging stock market and higher average earnings, “America is today the only leading country in the world where the economy as a whole is stronger than it was prior to the pandemic,” he said.

This new aggressive and blunt tone for the president, who has long prided himself on keeping the temperature of political discourse low, is evident in Biden’s remarks, which also called out congressional Republicans for “talking down the recovery” because they voted against policies that Biden credited with lowering unemployment and raising wages.

On the one-year anniversary of the tragic attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, President Joe Biden criticized former President Donald Trump for disseminating “a web of misinformation” about the 2020 election, which he said led to the deadly rebellion.

The president also made it apparent that he was done with Republican critics who are portraying the economy as awful, job creation stats as dismal, and the latest proof that “his economic disaster persists,” as Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel put it on Twitter.

The jobs report for December did, in fact, indicate poor job growth, with only 199,000 new positions created, less than half of what economists had predicted. However, the unemployment rate has plummeted to 3.9 percent, which is regarded to be full employment by most standards.

Biden has been careful in his economic speeches to draw attention to the problems of rising inflation and a clogged supply chain, both of which were causing some commodities to be rare for a short period of time.

Although Republicans warned that Christmas would be “blue” for people who were waiting for gifts in the mail, Vice President Joe Biden stated Friday that 99 percent of goods arrived on schedule during the holiday season despite GOP predictions.

“The much-anticipated crisis did not materialize. The Grinch didn’t steal Christmas – or any votes, for that matter “The vice president remarked this with a light chuckle, alluding to Trump’s frequent falsehoods that the 2020 election would be marred by widespread voter fraud.

Biden called it “malarkey” that he was not concentrating on bringing inflation down, and he claimed that the less-than-ideal December job growth was due to people taking on newer, better-paying positions in an economy where wages were rising, particularly for those in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Biden said he was not focusing on bringing inflation down.

The president responded to a popular accusation made by Republican opponents, saying, “This isn’t about workers walking away and refusing to work.” “It’s about workers stepping up to the plate.”

The president claimed that “it’s no surprise that one leading economic analyst described what we accomplished in 2021 as the strongest first-year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years,” according to an op-ed by Matthew Winkler, former editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, which he appeared to be quoting.

Throughout the Obama administration, the contrast between the objective success of the economy and the subjective judgments of voters has been a cause of ongoing discontent.

According to polling data, the public’s approval of Biden’s management of the economy has plummeted dramatically during his first year in office. According to a recent CNBC/Change poll, six out of ten Americans are dissatisfied with his handling of the country’s economy. According to a RealClearPolitics average of polls conducted in the past five weeks, 56 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, with only 40 percent approving of his performance.

That’s despite the fact that, according to the White House, 6.45 million jobs were generated during Biden’s first full year in the White House.

According to Gene Sperling, a senior assistant to President Joe Biden and a former national economic adviser to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, “it is the biggest number of employment generated in a single calendar year since we began keeping data in 1939.”

In addition, the White House is irritated by the unequal coverage of economic data given to President Obama in comparison to prior administrations.

According to National Economics Council spokesman Jesse Lee in a tweet, news media praised the jobs statistics released in spring 2018, which showed that the jobless rate has fallen below 4 percent for the first time since 2000. However, on Friday morning, when the unemployment rate fell to 3.9 percent, the news headlines focused on the dismal rise in new job creation that occurred.

“Trump inherited 5 percent of the vote and it took him two years to reach that level. Biden inherited 6.2 percent and was able to increase it within a year. The jobs report released today was better than the jobs report released under President Trump “Lee took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction.

The fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projections of job growth are estimates, and that they may be altered later, contributes to Biden’s public relations difficulties. Last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics corrected its estimates, revealing that it had underestimated the number of new employment by about 1 million. As a result of the increased difficulty in gathering information during the epidemic, experts believe the exceptionally large undercount may have occurred.

Biden, on the other hand, chastised Republicans for portraying the economy as a failure. As Biden explained, “They want to talk down the recovery because they voted against the law that made it possible.”

His “Build Back Better Act,” a sweeping domestic spending program that would raise taxes on the wealthiest, put a cap on insulin prices, and provide universal pre-kindergarten, became a focal point of his political campaign. However, the legislation is blocked in the Senate, where all Republicans and one or two Democratic senators are opposed to the bill’s scope and magnitude.


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