Best robot vacuum for hardwood floors in 2022 (UK)


Robot vacuums have revolutionised household chores. We no longer have to be at home to do the actual business of cleaning. Robot vacuums run on pre-set schedules while you’re at work, out doing some shopping, or even when you’re on holiday.

If you don’t have carpet, you might not be as inclined to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner. But these little machines are actually mini motorised beasts when it comes to hardwood flooring.

Do robot vacuums really work?

Robot vacuums are not as efficient as upright vacuum cleaners. Their suction isn’t as powerful and you just can’t get the same kind of clean that you get from eyeballing your floors and going back over spots you can tell you missed. Of course, some robot vacuums do have features that allow them to detect problem areas with extra dirt and debris buildup where the vacuum will put in extra attention, but that’s not necessarily the standard across all price points. 

But ask yourself this: Are you currently vacuuming your floors every day? Because robot vacuums can do that. So if they miss a spot one day, they might catch it the next, leading to an overall increase in floor cleanliness.

Overall, robot vacuums do get the job done and offer a convenience that regular vacuum cleaners can’t. If you have a manual vacuum, you might want to break it out occasionally for a more thorough deep clean.

Are robot vacuums better for hardwood floors or carpet?

We’d say that most robot vacuums actually perform better on a hardwood floor than on carpet. Robot vacuums have a main suction system and side brushes that push dirt in the line of suction. Not all of them have impressive brush rolls, though, which are a necessity for cleaning carpets.

Sucking up hair (human or pet) is easier for robot vacuums on hard flooring because on carpet, the vacuums have to dig deep to pull the embedded hairs from carpet fibres. On hardwood floors, the hair is just sitting there ready to be pulled in by the suction from a robot vacuum.

Hardwood floors require less work from a robot vacuum to do an efficient job cleaning. If you have both carpet and hard flooring, most robot vacuums automatically adjust between floor types, lowering or raising to get the closest clean possible.

Do robot vacuums scratch hardwood floors?

Robot vacuums themselves are designed to work on hardwood floors without scratching them. They have rubber wheels and gentle rubber brushes that pull in dirt without ripping up your floors.

Where you might get floor scratching is if an abrasive piece of sand, glass, rock, or something else gets caught under the wheel and drags throughout the house. This is pretty uncommon, but to be safe, make sure your floors are clear of any large, sharp debris before running the robot vacuum.

Does a robot vacuum work on laminate or tile floors?

Laminate floors, tile floors, and any other kind of hard flooring that isn’t hardwood can get the same treatment as wood floors. Robot vacuums that work well on hardwood floors will also do a good job on these floors.

Should you use a robot vacuum or robot mop for hardwood floors?

Both robot vacuums and robot mops are valid choices for cleaning hardwood floors, and really work in conjunction with each other to get the best clean. A robot vacuum will sweep up loose dirt, dust, and debris, while a robot mop can come through and scrub up caked-on dirt to really make your floors shine.

There are some robot vacuums that have both vacuuming and mopping functions. If you want both features, we definitely suggest going for one of the hybrid models to save space.

Which robot vacuum is best for hardwood floors?

There’s no straight answer. There are plenty of other impressive models. We’ve tried to help by highlighting a selection of the best robot vacuums for keeping your hard flooring free from dirt, dust, and debris. We’ve tracked down all the best models from top brands like iRobot(opens in a new tab) and Eufy(opens in a new tab), with something for every budget.

These are the best robot vacuums for hardwood floors in 2022.

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