Best reusable coffee cups in 2022 (UK)


The world keeps turning but we’re only just learning — or just taking seriously, more to the point — about the effects of environmental damage.

It’s something that even the most relaxed coffee drinkers need to understand. If you’re the sort of person (there are indeed many of us) who can barely survive the morning without a trip to a coffee shop, that means you. It’s time to invest in a reusable coffee cup. 

Waste is one of the major problems we are facing globally, and single-use plastic is arguably the biggest culprit. We’ve all seen the images of plastics polluting the oceans and damaging the habitats of species around the world. It really needs to stop.

Here some key information to get you started on your shopping journey.

What are the benefits of a reusable coffee cup? 

One of the most basic actions we can take to reduce non-recyclable material is switching from using takeaway coffee cups to using a reusable cup. Despite what you may think, the majority of takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable as they contain a thin plastic lining. So, switching to a reusable cup can make a significant impact on the amount of single-use plastic entering the environment. 

What are reusable coffee cups made from?

They come in a range of materials, such as silicone, glass, or stainless steel. Which cup you choose is down to personal preference. It may also depend on your lifestyle. If you do a lot of commuting or always have your cup in your bag, glass might not be the best option. If you’re really serious about doing your bit for the environment, there are cups made from other cups. 

Will coffee shops let you use a reusable cup?

Absolutely. When you place your order just give them your reusable cup and they’ll use that one instead of clogging up the environment with yet another single use cup. It’s just a shame they won’t wash it up for you too.

What makes a good reusable coffee cup?

A good start is a cup that keeps your coffee warm. Some cups will retain heat for longer than others, so check out each cup’s stats. Other features include unique drinking designs — such as a 360-degree opening that you find on some cups — or even collapsible designs. Some cups are also good for keeping cool drinks cool, or might built for taking on more robust activities, such as hiking. 

What is the best reusable coffee cup?

It’s one thing deciding to switch over to a reusable coffee cup, but it’s an entirely different challenge to actually pick one to use. Reusable cups come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, and all use different technologies to ensure each cup is the best it can be.

To help you make the decision, we’ve done the research (and plenty of coffee drinking) and selected the best cups on the market. All for an environmentally-friendly cup of joe.

These are the best reusable coffee cups in 2022.

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