Best GPS dog trackers 2022: Keep tabs on your pet around the clock


OK, so this isn’t really a GPS location tracker, but the PetPace smart collar(opens in a new tab) offers some of the most comprehensive health and wellness monitoring for your pet, especially for old, sick, and at-risk dogs — so we think it deserves a mention.

The PetPace is a wireless collar that continuously collects your pet’s vital signs and behavior patterns, including temperature, activity, pulse, respiration, positions, calories consumed and burned, and heart-rate variations. It sends that data at 2-, 15- or 30-minute intervals to a health monitoring service, which you can access via the free app, and alerts you immediately when it detects any abnormalities.

Upon registration, you will be required to enter your veterinarian’s name. Vets can access a pet’s information via a web-based interface, and generate health reports to help you make informed health-related decisions.

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