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TL;DR: As of September 4, you can get the MBA Hacker Bundle (opens in a new tab)when you pay what you want (see below for details) instead of its retail value of $199.

If you want to advance in the business world, an MBA(opens in a new tab) may help, but it’s not a prerequisite for success. In fact, many CEOs of enormous companies don’t have MBAs. If you want to study many of the skills that come from an MBA without the cost of getting one, then you may want to try out The Might 2022 MBA Hacker Bundle. Get 39+ hours of instruction on marketing, accounting, and more, and it’s all on sale for a price you decide.

Business knowledge without the price tag or lost time 

Depending on how much you pay for this set of courses, you’ll get access to a different amount of study materials. Beat the average price, and you get all 11 courses. Those courses contain instruction on strategy, accounting, leadership, communication, and more. Each course is valued at $199, but some users have paid as little as $25. 

Learn from instructors like Stephen Mather, a member of SkillSuccess and holder of a Masters in Organizational Psychology. Mather has worked for nine years as a business owner and director of ProPeC®, a consultancy that helps other businesses improve their processes and build a productive work culture. 

In practice, what you learn from this bundle could contextualize and guide your own business practices. Learn the history of corporate finance, the basics of accounting(opens in a new tab), and strategic marketing strategies and techniques that may help your organization grow. If you get the entire 11-course bundle, you’ll have access to over 39 hours of instruction for life. Learn at your own pace without the pressure of a formal school but with the benefit of experienced, professional instructors. 

If you’re motivated and want some of the skills of an MBA without the time it takes to get one, this bundle may be a great starting point. Get this valuable MBA Hacker Bundle(opens in a new tab) for a price you decide. Beat the average payment, and you get the full 11-course bundle. Beat the leader’s price on the leaderboard, and you get entered into a prize giveaway.

Prices subject to change.

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