Bahaudin Seeks To Exhaust All Means of Peace Through Vibrant Paintings


Life Resources, 150 x240cm, Acrylic, Decorfin, Silicone, Mirror on Canvas and Wood, 2018 by Bahaudin

In some cultures Bahaudin means, ‘The magnificent of the Faith’. As a young man with a powerful name, and an equally powerful set of skills, Bahaudin harnesses his talents for the greater good. Depicting messages of peace and love, regardless of one’s individual affiliation or creed, this Indonesian artist has dedicated his career to unveiling the deep-seated mysteries of humanity and the issues which it spawns, through vibrant and childlike imagery.

Pesona Nurani, 145 x 95 cm, Acrylic, Decorfin Paint on Canvas, 2019 by Bahaudin

You are now established in Yogyakarta which can be considered as the art capital of Indonesia. Tell us more about your first steps as an artist?

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