August 2020 // Cards of the Month — Amanda Linette Meder


Welcome to August! This is one of my favorite months of the year, because no matter where you live, it’s pretty much beautiful everywhere. 

Time always seems to move a bit more slowly in August, maybe it’s the humidity, or just the human mind attempting to stretch before embracing the feelings of heading back to work or school in September. 

Where I live, all schools tend to start right after Labor Day, a holiday that always occurs at the beginning of September, which tends to mark August as the last month of summer vacation in the hearts and minds of any adult or small child who’s familiar with this system

Because of the slow moving times, that represent the close of summer, I decided to go with a slow-motion reading deck this month.

Introducing, The Gypsy Lore Fortune Telling Cards! 

This deck consists of 45 cards of sturdy, playing Card quality, which even after 88 years after first print, is a thick matte cardstock. 

The cards are petite, so if you have smaller hands or like to do card magic, this deck would be one for you because of the size. 

Petite hands can shuffle the cards and flip them without too many fumbles, so for a woman with petite hands, like myself, it’s so easy to shuffle.

This particular copy I received from Jinxed Philadelphia, a shop known all around the area for affordable 19th and 20th century artifacts, including books, maps and paper items, like divination decks. 

Though it’s a historical piece, I’ve been doing readings from it for at least three years now. 

The NY History Museum dates this deck as being printed in 1932, and given some of the imagery on the deck, such as the war planes with specific markings on some of the cards, this sounds about right.

Also, around the 1930s and 1940s, a lot of really great psychic periodicals were produced, including other zodiac guides and dream guides.

The deck comes with three suits – one without numbers, one with numbers, and one with numbers underlined, in addition to a wish card, a querant card, and two direction cards.

All pertain to practical matters of life, home, business, relationships, and the manners of communication and travel at the time. 

The cards without numbers pertain to a situation where time is uncertain, the cards with numbers, pertain to a situation where time involves months, and the cards with numbers underlined, pertain to something happening within that number of weeks. 

Essentially nothing in this deck happens in less than a week, except for perhaps the Surprise Card, meaning that when you read from this deck, you generally always have some time to think over your reading before things start to shift.

It’s directions rely heavily on the reader asking or having a single question to ask, about himself or another person, or having a wish. 

Because of that, I only ever come to this deck with either a question or a wish.

So to begin, if you are viewing this card of the month as a reading, ask a question in your mind and below I’ll cover:

Consider this reading as taking about a month, or one week per card, to fully resolve and settle your question.

Ask your question and or close your eyes and make a wish, and let’s begin – 

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