As some have said, love is a Master of Disguise


How to prepare for the prospect of finding love from an individual’s point of view

It is out there, just waiting for you to discover it. Hiding. We look for it from time to time, but we put too much work into finding it. Compelling love is impossible due to the fact that love has its own set of norms. A missing person is not what love is; rather, it is a set of conditions that allow for the establishment of good relationships to take place between people.

Love can be compared to the soil that allows our plants to blossom and grow in abundance. They have the ability to thrive if they are provided with the necessary resources. Spritzing water on the plant while ignoring the soil will not ensure that the plant will live. Even if the plant looks to profit from the irrigation at first, it will eventually succumb to the effects of the irrigation. Being in love may make it more difficult since we will project our feelings onto other people and misinterpret their signals, contrary to what some individuals believe. When we’re dying of thirst in the middle of a desert of loneliness, fake love is a terrible mirage to behold.

Our tendency to believe what we already know while we are looking for love is known as confirmation bias. “They gave me a kind smile, which suggests that they like me.” It is necessary for them to be drawn to me as well, and if they aren’t, I will suffer as a result of their absence. “They are just what I require to feel entire, regardless of how little we actually know about their specific qualities.”

Allow love to do its work on you

Contrary to popular assumption, the most intense forms of love do not follow the rule of attraction between diametrically opposed people. The possibility that a pair would grow apart as their relationship proceeds is significant, despite the fact that some couples start off well because they “complete” or complement each other – and some even endure – People change over the course of their lives. Circumstances can and do change at any time.

In order for love to find us, we must first prepare ourselves. Some of us are ready for adulthood by the time we reach our early twenties, but many others are not. The difference between a hot, short-lived relationship and a warm, slow-burning, long-lasting one in a relationship could be as simple as knowing what readiness looks like. Here are a few checkboxes to think about when creating your checklist:


Recognize the importance of your bottom line. If your essential ideals do not align, you will have no regard for your significant other. Because you can’t figure out what someone’s values are until you engage in a genuine conversation with them, After the establishment of an attachment, this should begin as soon as possible – even the first meeting is not too soon. Be attentive of your surroundings as well as the scenario in which you find yourself. Impersonation is most effective in social situations such as bars and parties. Don’t forget to take that into mind! If at all feasible, arrange for the second meeting to take place during the daytime.


Yes, it’s the dreaded “C” word once more in the mix. Make sure to pay great attention and use the phrases “it appears to me” or “in my opinion” a lot to convey that you are making a tentative judgment. So you don’t reveal your bottom line too soon, and it promotes an open and honest conversation between your colleagues. You should always ask clarifying questions if you are not sure you understand something completely.

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that can be learnt and practiced by everyone.

It’s already become a catchphrase, but it’s important to keep it in mind. It requires being self-aware while simultaneously being cognizant of others’ feelings and needs. Despite the fact that reading someone’s body language may be beneficial, there are other strategies for determining what they are thinking. Trust your instincts, but double-check them to make sure they are correct because they are not always accurate. Only by telling you to ask the relevant questions does it hope to capture your attention. Pay attention to what they have to say about previous relationships as well since what they have to say about those relationships could be quite telling. An indication that the tales are biased in one direction is if the stories are overly tilted in one direction.


Gender and upbringing play a role in the differences in outcomes. A gendered connection can exist even in partnerships between people who are of the same gender. It is inevitable that not everyone would agree with all your points of view or decisions. Accepting your partner for who they are or hoping that time and experience will allow them to change their ways is the best course of action. Nothing wrong with wanting, but there are no guarantees in this world, so don’t hold your breath. If you try to expedite the process, it will take even longer to complete.


If you have a strong feeling of self-sufficiency, you will be better able to remain objective during your search for a partner. The consequence of self-sufficiency is that it can sometimes act as a bonding agent for couples who are going through difficult circumstances. If we lived in a perfect world, we would not be dependant on a spouse to ensure our survival, but we would be able to rely on them to improve our quality of life.


It is possible that you will encounter items that bother or frustrate you early on. Avoid accepting things that you don’t want to accept, and if you can, put off dealing with less important matters until a more convenient time in your schedule. It is impossible to stress the importance of timing and tone when facing a partner in order to have a chance at a successful resolution. Maintain your composure and wait until both of you look to be emotionally prepared before taking any action. You and your partner may not be able to resolve your problems, but it is possible that you already have the solution you require.


It is important to clarify how space would be allocated and what would be deemed mutual space between you if one of you is transferring to the other’s home. Make no assumptions about what will happen. This is especially true when it comes to the issue of personal space. Additionally, if you and your partner are relocating to an area that is foreign to both of you, same rule applies.


Making promises you are unable to keep over the length of a relationship, and even thereafter, is not a wise decision. Statements such as “I will never do this or that” only help to further erode your mutual faith in one another’s intentions. Having the assumption that “I will never leave a mess again” is not a realistic expectation for certain people. Maybe something along the lines of “My definition of a mess may differ from yours” would be better to include in the sentence. I understand why you don’t like it, and I will take your feedback into consideration, but I cannot guarantee that I will remember it in the future.”

Relationship boredom can be a good thing

When it comes to successful partnerships, the ability to allow for growth is one of the most important features to look out for. In order to maintain this state of mind, couples must communicate their goals and frustrations to one another. You should keep in mind that you cannot make someone else happy, but you can occasionally take pleasure in the happiness that they are experiencing. Traveling with a friend can be a terrific experience, but it will need you to carry twice as much luggage and fight the impulsive impulse to ask, “Are we there yet?” as you pass through unfamiliar territory on your journey.

Even in a relationship that has been established as positive, it is natural for feelings of love to fluctuate throughout the course of the relationship. In the eyes of those who are involved in it, love can sometimes appear to be boring. Boredness on the other hand is the highest praise you can give to another person since, in order to feel bored, you must be in a secure setting with them. If the circumstances are right, it is possible that the partnership may survive the boredom and that love will reemerge once more in the relationship. In the blink of an adoring eye, you can transform from being a nameless bystander to becoming an overnight sensation.


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