April 2020 // Cards of the Month — Amanda Linette Meder


Work through your fears

New Moon in Scorpio

The next card in this three-card reading is the present moment card. 

The present card for this month is the New Moon in Scorpio, which is the queen card of working through fears and subconscious dark energies. 

Whatever was put into motion in the immediate past is set, which is good because it’s a new start answering a wish, and this card tells us the energy we can use to work with what we have. 

If you’ve ever heard the phrase new level, new devil, this card applies here to talk about this. 

Whenever we have a new start or a fresh beginning, we are doing it on the edge of our comfort zone, so, naturally, some fears must be confronted now to go beyond that zone. 

Afraid to share your writing, art or new idea with the world?

Time to confront that devil and publish something. 

Confronting fears does not have to be fire and brimstone all the time, though, it can merely be one courageous action a day. It’s just now time to do it.

This card tells us that now is the time to face and work on whatever comes up as you move into this new start.

You probably have the tools to do it, you probably even know where to find the fears to root them out, because Scorpions are highly resourceful creatures. 

Scorpions usually live on ecosystem floors and eat detritus there, while they conserve their energy and hide from predatory birds.

They can be quite proactive and energetically responsible as they accomplish their goals, and likewise, so can you. 

Fanfare in the scorpion’s case is not needed to overcome fears this time, as this card suggests more personal confrontation of worries. 

Because it is also New Moon card, it tells me that whatever fears are worked through, it’s going to benefit this new start. 

Anything coming up in April as fear or worry, this card says it’s time to meet it.

You have the tools to work through it, beyond it, and stay calm, perhaps even under a log or a rock while you address it. 

New starts are all about conserving energy in the physical world, so think about the Scorpion’s resourceful quietness and the word boot-strapping here.

No need to energetically overexert yourself to overcome fears this month, think about what you can do in your ecosystem, small little changes, and address them each as they come up, asking,

What can I do now to take care of this?

Also, know any work you do to transcend a fear will provide a return to your new start mentioned in the first card.

With the New Moon in Scorpio card, know none of the concerns you overcome this month will be for naught. 

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