Apple Airpods Max Deal: These Top-of-the-Line Headphones Are on a Rare Discount Right Now


We love the regular ol’ AirPods, but if you’re looking to upgrade to the brand’s top-tier headphones, this Apple AirPods Max deal will be music to your ears. In our most recent review, we praised the AirPods Max for their high-quality audio, sleek design, and noise-canceling capabilities. But clocking in at $549 retail, they were more of a luxury than an essential. Thanks to a rare discount on Amazon, though, the AirPods Max are $69 cheaper than usual.

At that price, all of the luxurious hardware (aluminum earcups, memory foam pads, a curvy mesh headband) and audiophile-approved features (adaptive EQ, spatial audio, and noise canceling functions) suddenly feel like a steal. Add in the Apple Watch-esque multifunctional crown that makes changing volume and tracks a breeze, along with approximately 20 hours of battery life, and you’d be an absolute fool not to snag these while you can.

Not in the market for some killer new headphones? There’s a handful more great deals from around the web for you below.

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