Answers News: Science, Spirituality, and Secular Humanism – July 5, 2018


Richard Dawkins on abortion; gay swans; churchgoers stick around for theology, not music and preachers; and more in this week’s episode of Answers News hosted at the Creation Museum in front of a live audience.

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Here are links to the articles discussed in Answers News. Due to time restraints, all topics may not be covered in this episode. Articles not covered in today’s episode will be featured in a future Answers News broadcast.

(Satire) Babylon Bee Congregation Prays Graduating Senior Be Protected from Basic Secular Arguments They Never Bothered to Prepare her for

Must Science Conflict with Spirituality?

Schumer Announces his Daughter is Marrying Another Woman

Gay Swans Attack Anyone Threatening their Nest Containing a Plastic Cup

Richard Dawkins Defends Killing Disabled Babies in Abortions: “It’s About Avoiding Human Suffering.”

A Slanderous Charge: The American Library Association’s Criticism of Little House Entirely Misses the Mark

Churchgoers Stick Around for Theology, Not Music and Preachers

Galapagos’ Sierra Negra Volcano Eruption Triggers Evacuation

Newt Gingrich: There are Dinosaurs (Real Ones) Outside Your Window – Just Look

Freak Accident Created a Massive Army of Super-Fertile Clones

How to Hunt Like a Neanderthal: Ancient Humans Got Up Close with their Prey

Mini Neanderthal Brains Are Growing in Petri Dishes



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