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Archangel Uriel is known as one of the Archangels of Employment. 

A few other Archangels for career and jobs include Michael, for protection, Ariel, for provisions, and Chamuel for divine Union. Still, in this post, we’re going to focus on working with Uriel. 

Uriel is an Archangel you can call upon for reigniting a passion, honing in on your soul’s purpose and for identifying where you are going to find that passion and payback in the purpose work that you do on this Earth. 

Purpose work often is where you are for a physical job, or through the physical jobs you provide others, so this is the Angel you can call upon for help with a career, finding a new job, and for success at a business.

So, in this post, we’re going to discuss Archangel Uriel prayers you can say for getting a job, enhancing success at a career, and business ventures for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Uriel’s name means fire of God, so often, this Angel will appear in meditations as a red-orange shade.

I like to use essential oils that are spicy and uplifting, like Cardamom, Nutmeg, and Bergamot, to use in my prayers and meditations to connect with this Angel of employment. 

Some people like to use crystals of abundance and intuition when working with Uriel, such as Carnelian, Herkimer Diamond, and Azurite, by setting them in their lap before they start their prayer for job success to set the mood. 

To begin, grab anything you like for your mantras, prayers and chants to Spirit, your fragrances, your candles, or your crystals, then let’s start. 

Below I will go over three prayers you can use to call in Archangel Uriel, depending on your situation – 

Archangel Uriel Prayer for New Employment & Job Finding Success

Thank you, Archangel Uriel, for connecting me with companies which are destined for success and caring individuals who see my light.

Thank you for linking me to jobs that reflect who I am as a soul and employers who care about my wellbeing and for guiding me to jobs where there is an opportunity for soul advancement as well as monetary advancement. 

Thank you for sending me to employment situations that offer security, protection, and that value what I have to offer. 

Thank you for reducing the amount of time I spend on fruitless leads, and igniting my intuition to guide me more quickly towards exciting opportunities, that will support my family and my desires for my highest expansion. Thank you for confirming these leads with positive, prompt validations.

Thank you for the wealth of job opportunities sent thus far and for the more that is to come. 

And So It Is.

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