Allowing Divine Guidance to Reach You


Tune Into The Flow of Divine Guidance


See through the illusion to tune into and receive Divine Guidance and Infinite LOve

You’re always guided you know…

In every moment Divine guidance dwells beneath the surface of your normal waking mind.

It’s always around you, and is inherently present in everything…

But it takes presence to even begin to see and know that all of life contains deep Divine wisdom.

With presence, very encounter, relationship, experience, challenge or blessing can become a vehicle through which the Divine can speak….

Will you allow Divine Guidance to reach you?

Will you allow the profound and beautiful to pierce the veil of the monotonous and mundane?

Will you see through the illusion to witness the underlying love?

Allowing means consciously cultivating moments of stillness, relaxation, peace and calm…

Getting outside of your normal mode of consciousness so that the light can circulate through you…

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And the guidance of the Divine can peek through to the surface of your awareness…

Bringing what has always been within and around you, but has been hidden…

Into the realm of what is vivid, profound and known.

Relax, move, rest, embrace the beauty of nature, breathe, meditate, open your heart …

So you can pierce through the illusion to feel, see, hear and know the incredible love, support and perspective of the infinite.

There are many levels when it comes to letting Divine love and guidance into your life.

And so many ways to consciously or unconsciously invite it in…

Tune into the flow of Divine Guidance. True wisdom and guidance of Spirit is always available. Open your heart, relax and let it in.

Open your heart, and allow the flow of Divine guidance to begin in your own unique way your own beautiful style…

Cultivate your inner connection with all that is beautiful, with all that is light, and with all that is infinite.

Your Direct connection with the inner wisdom, truth, and guidance of the Divine available to you in every moment.

Will you consciously breathe? Will you quite your mind?

Will you dive inward and allow the flow of Divine guidance to begin?

With love and blessings,Melanie Beckler



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