Aaron Rodgers Is Dressing Like the Cameron Poe of Packers Training Camp


With a freshly signed three-year, $150.8 million extension under his belt, storied Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is back for another season in the ol’ National Football League. And on Day 1 of Packers training camp, that belt also happened to be bolstering a ribbed white A-shirt tucked into a pair of drainpipe blue jeans.Combined with a shoulder-grazing hairdo, the look garnered comparisons to Nicolas Cage’s turn as the Army-Ranger-turned-convict-liberator Cameron Poe in the 1997 prison-break thriller Con Air.

On Tuesday, the Packers posted a dramatic slo-mo video of Rogers saddling up to the stadium with duffle bag in hand, looking quarterback-ly pensive while slicking a hand through his mane. Fans immediately clocked his resemblance to Cage’s Poe, down to the shoulder-length mane, 5 o’clock (in the morning) shadow, and general grisly comportment. (To jog your memory, the movie stars Cage—alongside Steve Buscemi, John Malkovich, Dave Chapelle, and John Cusack, among others—as an affable ex-con trying to rescue his fellow prisoners when Malkovich’s supervillain character, Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom, attempts a scorched-earth coup of the plane they’re all being transported on.)

The entrance, while obviously orchestrated in some cheeky manner—halfway through the 30-second clip, Rogers tosses the bag to the ground, as though he’s just set a building on fire and is walking away without even turning to watch it burn—does raise some questions. (Like: is Rodgers still trying to, uh, thwart Cyrus The Virus?)

Or, perhaps, he’s just trying to remind his fellow Packers that many hands make light work, or something. Then again, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to Rodgers intent on trolling with his preseason theatrics. On Wednesday, he rocked a The Office T-shirt and a pair of holographic shield sunglasses. Good to contain multitudes.

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