Male fashion models may soon be getting the same attention lavished on their female counterparts.

The fashion world- long considered a woman’s domain- is now seeing some of its men catapulted to supermodel status.

Designers say that with the increased variety of styles available to men, fashion shows devoted to men’s clothing will become more commonplace.

That means a higher profile for male models.

The atmosphere is relaxed as this international cast of models prepares for the first event of the four-day New York Men’s Shows.

Today’s show highlights the latest collection from Hugo Boss.

The men, mostly in their early twenties, talk and joke as the show draws near.

Dutch model Mark Van der Loo says interest in male models is up.

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“When you look at the male modeling and the fashion industry for men and the amount of choice that there is now for men to dress themselves, of course there is more interest because there is a bigger variety. So I understand why there’s also more interest for the male models.”
SUPER CAPTION: Mark Van der Loo, Model

Others see women as the driving force behind men’s fashion.

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“I think the women want to see men looking as nice as the men want to see the women looking as nice. So, it’s definitely a growing business. Where it will end up is something we’ll have to see.”
SUPER CAPTION: Jason Lewis, Model

While few male models earn money approaching what female supermodels make, they acknowledge that fashion has been a women’s game much longer.

The Hugo Boss collection highlights some current trends in men’s fashion-tinkering with classic designs but keeping the overall look fairly conservative.

There is also an inclination to draw on fashions from the past.

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“We were inspired a lot by the elegant ’40s, the glamour of Hollywood and the stars of Hollywood from the ’40s, and I think it’s a more sophisticated attitude in daytime dressing than before.”
SUPER CAPTION: Lothat Reiff, Creative Director, Hugo Boss

The collection also carries strong 1960s mod influence, as well as hints of beach- holiday casualness.

Amid the professional models, veteran actor Dennis Hopper took a turn on the runway, sporting a Hugo Boss tuxedo which designers say was inspired by the fashions of Oscar night.

Other tuxedos looked more like sleepwear than formal wear.

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