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It hurts to fight with your mom. All you want to do is get along. You want to be able to have a simple conversation without getting into an argument. Maybe it’s too much to expect that you’d be able to support one another and celebrate each other’s wins…

Even though that’s supposed to be what family is for.

It can twist you up inside when you have to set strict boundaries around your relationship with your mother. It’s exhausting to keep your guard up all the time.

And who’s really at fault? You get triggered by her as much as she gets triggered by you.

You’re not the only daughter who struggles to get along with her mom. According to mother-daughter attachment expert Rosjke (pronounched ROSHKA) Hasseldine:

“Mother-daughter relationship issues are epidemic around the world. And the reason for that is, actually, mothers and daughters are set up to fight.”

If you’re ready to look past your faults as a daughter and your mother’s faults as a mom …

And you’re open to the idea that you might be caught up in an intergenerational pattern that CAN be broken …

Then this week’s YBTV interview is for you.

You’ll learn how Rosjke Hasseldine pioneered the field of mother-daughter coaching, why we feel so trapped by the need to make Mom happy, and why our mothers put so much pressure on us to follow in their footsteps.

We’ll discuss what we owe our elderly parents, what—if anything—our parents owe us, and why it’s easier to get mad at Mom than Dad.

You’ll also learn about a powerful exercise that has the potential to re-map your family relationships, setting you free to accept the mother you have rather than yearn for the mother she can’t be.

Find out more about Rosjke’s books and Mother-Daughter Attachment:

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Don’t have time to watch the whole interview? Read the summary:

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