5 Most Popular Museums & Art Galleries in Mombasa, Kenya


The city of Mombasa is a historical port town that boasts a unique blend of cultures that have developed over centuries by Africans and foreigners. The natives of Mombasa are collectivist in nature. They take part in many cultural activities as a goal of bringing about social togetherness and unifying their community. The Mombasa culture includes Swahili delicacies, colorful clothing, different genres of music, unique crafts, and intriguing artwork. Its rich culture can easily be seen by visiting its local museums or art galleries.

Gedi Ruins National Monument and Museum

Ruins of the Great Mosque at Gedi By I, Mgiganteus, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Gedi Ruins National Monument and Museum is a Swahili village that is very old. It was established during the 12th century. It is among a splendorous forest, consisting of giant Baobab Trees and Tamarind. The museum is located along Mombasa-Malindi road, which is about 94 kilometers north of the city.

The ruins are comprised of narrow winding paths and over 50 exotic tree species. Other than the quiet and serene environment, the ruins are home to a variety of native birds like the African Harrier Hawk, Malachite Kingfisher, African Green-Tinkerbird, and Paradise Flycatcher.

Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus Museum in Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa photo via Depositphotos
Fort Jesus Museum in Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa photo via Depositphotos

Fort Jesus is an Italian fortress that was constructed in the 1500s by Portuguese immigrants for safeguarding entry into the harbor. Fort Jesus is one of the architectural marvels of Mombasa. It was constructed in the shape of a man that represents the economic and political history of the city.

It showcases various artifacts from various cultures that occupied the island like the Indians, Arabs, and Portuguese. The site is currently used as a museum, displaying exhibits of pottery, ceramic, a sunken Portuguese frigate, and military fortification.

Diani Beach Art Gallery

Diani Beach Art Gallery photo via FB Page
Diani Beach Art Gallery photo via FB Page

The Diani Beach Art Gallery is near the city of Diani Beach. The gallery is a frequent meeting place for art enthusiasts. It offers a collection of fine contemporary African and Kenyan art. The gallery’s surrealistic creations include photographs, sculptures, and paintings of various sizes. Visitors can also enjoy theme nights and art classes at the gallery.

Centre for Heritage Development

Centre for Heritage Development in Africa photo via CHDA FB Page
Centre for Heritage Development in Africa photo via CHDA FB Page

The Centre for Heritage Development is an art gallery located along Nkrumah Road in the Old Law Courts Building. They have many cultural artifacts on display, enhancing visitor’s awareness of the African culture and heritage. These artifacts are old, but they have been well preserved. Some of the artifacts are movable, and some of them are stationary.

Facebook Sand Art Museum Academy - Mombasa
Facebook Sand Art Museum Academy – Mombasa
Sand Art Museum Academy - Mombasa photo via FB Page
Sand Art Museum Academy – Mombasa photo via FB Page

Coast Gallery of Arts

Coast Gallery of Arts is located along the Nyali Links Road. If you are interested in homemade authentic picture frames, you must visit the Coast Gallery of Arts. The handmade picture frames are constructed out of raw locally acquired material that is draped in African designs. It is a great place to purchase unique African-inspired gifts and artwork.

Mombasa has a very rich culture that can be seen through its museum and art galleries. Gedi Ruins National Monument, Fort Jesus, Diani Beach Art Gallery, Centre for Heritage Development, and Coast Gallery of Arts display some of the most beautiful, unique, and artistic artifacts in the world. The museum and galleries of Mombasa offer an elliptical presentation of native and non-native cultures.

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