Spirituality & HealthCare ~ Part 3 ~ the NHS and state of those who serve


In a sobering Part 3: acceptance of ‘mind’ but not yet ‘spirit’ in traditional medicine practice, patients attracted to a certain type of doctor, new GPs, the NHS current state and possible future, stress in the system and burn out, clinical vs non-clinical staff, political influence, learning to value those who serve, effect of undervalued professionals on the system, learning to speak your truth and be received and heard, ‘I want someone to listen to me !’ Real life example : of what is being presented here.
Passionate about people and health, three experienced health practitioners get together to discuss how health requires differing facets to maintain itself. Judy Fraser, who introduced Second Aid supporting those going through major change, how to reconnect hope and not give up until revised structures proved stable for those in transition; Guru Dharah Khalsa, instigated Kundalini Medicine to expand consciousness of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with the more empirically proven systems of holistic medicine.
Tonight joined by retired GP Dr Les Ashton who has previously worked with both the Asylum Seekers and the Homeless communities. Actively involved in GP Education, Primary Care Mental Health and Patient Relationship/Dynamics, he has written on ‘Expertise in Consulting Skills’ and continues to coach and mentor. Les has also brought his entrepreneurial experience to setting up and running a very successful internet ‘First Edition’ Book business.
Filmed on location at a live talk in London, UK



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