How is International Travel during Pandemic? || Bangladesh to USA || Travel in 2020


This vlog is an experience sharing vlog about traveling internationally during Covid-19. Just to give you a visualization of how international air travel is right now and going to be for the next few months or years(!) -who knows? I traveled at the end of July 2020. It was scarier back then. lots of things might have changed now like frequency of Flights, seating arrangements and Food preferences on board, etc.

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Hi! This is Farhin, from BANGLADESH. Back in 2018 when I started traveling, I never thought I will fall in love with it, neither did I thought I will be documenting it in a video. In this quarantine period due to COVID 19, I thought to learn a little bit of video editing and start documenting my previous trips. So, you might find some of the video clips a bit shaky or of poor quality.

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